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  • Resilience IPA

    A collaboration with Sierra Nevada benefitting Sierra Nevada Camp Fire Relief Fund… [+]Expand Description

    A collaboration of thousands of brewers across the country in response to Sierra Nevada Brewing’s call for help in the wake of the Camp Fire in Butte County, CA, this West Coast IPA is a testament to the giving and collaborative nature of the craft brewing community, 100% of the proceeds from Resilience will go to the Sierra Nevada Camp Fire Relief Fund to help Butte County rebuild its community. We are proud to be a part of this collaboration. OG 15.95ºP 7.6% ABV 70 IBUs
    Hops - Centennial, Cascade
  • Tavern Lager

    Classic draught lager...… [+]Expand Description

    A fixture of local watering holes since the repeal of prohibition, this style of easy drinking lager gets an upgrade with an all-malt grist and a hint of hop character from citrusy Comet hops. Clean, crisp, and crushable. OG 10.75ºP 17 IBUs 5.0% ABV
    O.G. - 10.75
  • Kveiking Treasure

    Norwegian Farmhouse IPA… [+]Expand Description

    This Norwegian Farmhouse IPA ferments at higher than normal temperatures (95ºF vs. 68ºF) using a traditional kviek (yeast) from Norway. The resulting beer is light-bodied, dry & complex with hay-like grassy notes followed by citrusy notes of lemon verbena and grapefruit with hint of minerality in the finish. OG 14.0ºP 6.66% ABV 60 IBUs
  • Outer Reaches

    Imperial Porter… [+]Expand Description

    This Imperial Porter is one of the stronger beers that we’ve made, with an ABV slightly above 11%. As dark as deep space, this robust brew bursts with character of chocolate, coffee, vanilla, and dark dried fruit. OG 18.6 39 IBUs 11.2% ABV
  • Singletrack Brown

    American Brown Ale...… [+]Expand Description

    This American Brown Ale features coffee and chocolate-like notes at the hands of Roasted, Chocolate, and Caramel malts. American hops round out the bill, offering a subtle citrusy counterpoint to this rich ale. Perfect after a bike ride on the river trails. OG 14ºP 30 IBUs 6.0% ABV
  • Guavatas

    A quick-sour with the character of tropical guava fruit… [+]Expand Description

    This quick sour beer is light in body and big on flavor with a tart finish accentuated by guava fruit added to the conditioning vessel.
    O.G. - 9.9
    Hops - Motueka- 10 IBUs
  • Blue Sky Rye

    Hoppy Rye...… [+]Expand Description

    This unique ale employs three different types of rye, which combine with fruity Centennial hops, spicy Crystal hops, and pine-like Chinook hops to produce a balanced and multidimensional medium-bodied dark-copper beer. The rye comes across as nutty and earthy, not unlike a nice rye bread.
    O.G. - 14.5ºP/1.058
    Hops - Centennial, Chinook, Crystal- 33 IBUs
  • Yakimaniac IPA

    This one has hops on the brain...… [+]Expand Description

    This beer has hops on the brain to be sure, with additions throughout the process totaling close to three pounds per barrel. Unfiltered, golden-hued, and extremely dry, this IPA features the lemony, citrusy character of Centennial and Citra hops grown in the hop capital of North America, Yakima, WA.
    O.G. - 14.3ºP/1.057
    Hops - Centennial and Citra- 68 IBUs
  • Cloud Hopper Imperial IPA

    Boldly hopped Imperial IPA… [+]Expand Description

    This boldly hopped ale will take you to new heights of hoppiness. Copious amounts of Chinook, Columbus, and Cascade hops combine to evoke far off places with the scents and flavors of tropical fruit, pine needles, flowers and a hint of freshly mown grass. A choice malt bill lifts the hops, providing balance and keeping this beer on course.
    O.G. - 19.7ºP/1.079
    Hops - Columbus, Chinook, Cascade- 100 IBUs
  • Invigorator Doppelbock

    Our classic Doppelbock… [+]Expand Description

    A malty, classic, full-bodied lager. Invigorator Doppelbock marries the finest German malts and hops into a dark, malty elixir worthy of contemplation. Notes of raisin, chocolate, and caramel give way to a soft, malty finish with just enough hops to balance the warming finish of this beautiful dark lager. It’s enough to revitalize and invigorate you on a cool Fall day.
    O.G. - 18.6ºP/1.074
    Hops - German Tettnanger- 20 IBUs
  • Ad Astra Ale

    Extremely balanced, with a hint of hops.… [+]Expand Description

    Also Available in Bottles
    A full bodied Ale, with a hint of hops to balance the sweetness that comes from three different malt varieties. The perfect way to take your taste buds to the stars.
    O.G. - 13ºP/1.052
    Hops - Northern Brewer, Fuggles- 31 IBUs
  • Free State Golden

    Light and refreshing beer brewed after a traditional Kolsch… [+]Expand Description

    Also Available in Bottles
    Light and refreshing golden beer brewed in a style all our own. Goes down easy and finishes clean.
    O.G. - 11.5ºP/1.046
    Hops - Nugget, Hallertau Hersbrucker- 13 IBUs
  • Oatmeal Stout

    A full-bodied stout with a well-rounded, balanced flavor and silky texture… [+]Expand Description

    Also Available in Bottles
    A full-bodied stout with a well-rounded, balanced flavor and silky texture.This rich, tasty brew goes down smoothly, and on a chilly evening in the Free State, it simply can’t be beat.
    O.G. - 15 ºP/1.061
    Hops - Northern Brewer, Fuggles- 42 IBUs
  • Copperhead Pale Ale

    Fine hop character, with a distinctive citrusy aroma and rich flavor.… [+]Expand Description

    Also Available in Bottles
    Fine hop character, with a distinctive citrusy aroma and rich flavor. This Pale Ale has as almost as much bite as the slithering serpent who was the inspiration for its name.
    O.G. - 14.3ºP/1.057
    Hops - Cascade, Columbus, Chinook- 53 IBUs