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  • Guavatas

    A quick-sour with the character of tropical guava fruit… [+]Expand Description

    This quick sour beer is light in body and big on flavor with a tart finish accentuated by guava fruit added to the conditioning vessel.
    O.G. - 9.9
    Hops - Motueka- 10 IBUs
  • Boogiedown Pils

    Unconventional Pils… [+]Expand Description

    Our collaboration with Central Standard Brewing out of Wichita.
    O.G. - 13.0
    Hops - Nelson Sauvin, Simcoe- 32 IBUs
  • Old Backus Barleywine 2015—12 ounce Bottle

    Classic Barleywine...… [+]Expand Description

    This is the strongest and arguably the most flavorful of the English style ales. A special treat made annually and set aside to age (sometimes as long as ten years), this complex and warming beer is full of malt and hop character married in harmony.
    O.G. - 22.15 ºP/1.090
    Hops - Crystal- 50 IBUs
  • Yakimaniac IPA

    This one has hops on the brain...… [+]Expand Description

    This beer has hops on the brain to be sure, with additions throughout the process totaling close to three pounds per barrel. Unfiltered, golden-hued, and extremely dry, this IPA features the lemony, citrusy character of Centennial and Citra hops grown in the hop capital of North America, Yakima, WA.
    O.G. - 14.3ºP/1.057
    Hops - Centennial and Citra- 68 IBUs
  • Dirty Kanza Kolsch

    Crisp German Hybrid...… [+]Expand Description

    This ale/lager hybrid uses a lager yeast, but ferments at temperatures more typical of an ale. It then undergoes an extended period of conditioning, or lagering. The resulting beer is a crisp, refreshing, light-bodied, slightly hoppy, straw-colored beer with significant carbonation. Hopped with German Saphir hops that contribute a slight spiciness and herbal edge.
    O.G. - 12.4ºP/1.050
    Hops - German Saphir- 15 IBUs
  • Cloud Hopper Imperial IPA

    Boldly hopped Imperial IPA… [+]Expand Description

    This boldly hopped ale will take you to new heights of hoppiness. Copious amounts of Chinook, Columbus, and Cascade hops combine to evoke far off places with the scents and flavors of tropical fruit, pine needles, flowers and a hint of freshly mown grass. A choice malt bill lifts the hops, providing balance and keeping this beer on course.
    O.G. - 19.7ºP/1.079
    Hops - Columbus, Chinook, Cascade- 100 IBUs
  • Ad Astra Ale

    Extremely balanced, with a hint of hops.… [+]Expand Description

    Also Available in Bottles
    A full bodied Ale, with a hint of hops to balance the sweetness that comes from three different malt varieties. The perfect way to take your taste buds to the stars.
    O.G. - 13ºP/1.052
    Hops - Northern Brewer, Fuggles- 31 IBUs
  • Free State Golden

    Light and refreshing beer brewed after a traditional Kolsch… [+]Expand Description

    Also Available in Bottles
    Light and refreshing golden beer brewed in a style all our own. Goes down easy and finishes clean.
    O.G. - 11.5ºP/1.046
    Hops - Nugget, Hallertau Hersbrucker- 13 IBUs
  • Oatmeal Stout

    A full-bodied stout with a well-rounded, balanced flavor and silky texture… [+]Expand Description

    Also Available in Bottles
    A full-bodied stout with a well-rounded, balanced flavor and silky texture.This rich, tasty brew goes down smoothly, and on a chilly evening in the Free State, it simply can’t be beat.
    O.G. - 15 ºP/1.061
    Hops - Northern Brewer, Fuggles- 42 IBUs
  • Copperhead Pale Ale

    Fine hop character, with a distinctive citrusy aroma and rich flavor.… [+]Expand Description

    Also Available in Bottles
    Fine hop character, with a distinctive citrusy aroma and rich flavor. This Pale Ale has as almost as much bite as the slithering serpent who was the inspiration for its name.
    O.G. - 14.3ºP/1.057
    Hops - Cascade, Columbus, Chinook- 53 IBUs