Featuring Steve Bradt

The Pale Ale with bite.

While walking through a field and enjoying a lazy summer evening, our head brewer Steve stepped on a stick that popped up and nicked his leg. 

Or so he thought, until he found two puncture marks on his ankle. The copperhead bite may have caused a trip to the hospital for Steve, but it also provided just the inspiration he and Chuck needed to name their new beer – yep, one lowly snake in the grass is the namesake of one of our most popular beers. 

AVAILABLE: Year round

Copperhead Pale Ale flavor profile

Flavor Profile

The hop forward character you’d expect from a Pale Ale, with Cascade hops lending a distinctive citrusy aroma and rich flavor.

Malt Varieties

  • Pale
  • Crystal
  • Carapils

Hop Varieties

  • Cascade
  • Columbus
  • Chinook

O.G. - 14.3ºP/1.057

IBU - 53