Friday | 1 - 10

You are invited to take part in a wonderfully flavor filled evening celebrating the complexities and nuances of food and beer.

On the evenings of  February 25 and 26, the Free State Brewers and Culinary Team will fill your evening with beers and foods of uncommon and wonderful character.

We will explore the variety of flavor that hops, yeast, malt and a few mysterious spices and fruits can bring to the world of beer.  The brewers will guide the tour and provide tips for discerning the flavor components of beers.  Please be aware that we will explore a spectrum of beer flavor that many people are not familiar with, so a sense of adventure
and curiosity is highly advised.

Chef Amber will present the stages of the eight course dinner and highlight the beer related components of the dishes as well as discussing flavor matching with the beers.

Last year's Beer Dinners sold out in advance, so please don't hesitate if you're interested in joining the fun.  Tickets are on sale now. Just select the shop tab, then reserve your spot.